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Professional carpet steaming in action by Grout Genie - Advanced steam cleaning for a deep and thorough carpet refresh.



Grout Genie Carpet and Tile Cleaning has a team of experts that are trained professionals at cleaning in both home, office or commercial settings. Grout Genie Carpet and Tile Cleaning technicians use a truck-mounted cleaning system that is better than using a portable machine. A truck-mounted system can maintain higher water temperatures and therefore eradicate more bacteria. A truck-mounted system also provides better water pressure, increased suction resulting in the cleaning solution being completely rinsed out.  


Steam Cleaning Method

Grout Genie Carpet and Tile Cleaning uses the steam extraction method, which works by injecting pressurized cleaning solution, while simultaneously extracting the water.  This method is preferred to carpet shampooing, which generates lather and suds and lets it sit overnight before extracting it.  True steam cleaning requires that water temperatures reach at least 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Hot steam cleans and sanitizes by killing 99.9 percent of mold and mildew spores, so if anyone in your home suffers from allergies, Grout Genie and their cleaning methods will serve your needs well.


We want to be the best team of service professionals you’ve ever invited to your home!

To achieve this goal, we start by being responsive to your scheduling needs and respectful of your time. Our normal operating hours are 8:00AM to 5:00PM Monday through Friday. Visits are scheduled at your convenience to begin within a small arrival window. Thus, you don’t have to worry about spending all day waiting around for us while wondering when we will be coming.


Communication Matters

It all starts with good communication, which is why we offer free, in home estimates for all of our services.  We want you to know what kind of results you can expect and how much it will cost before we begin a job so that there are no surprises.

While at the job, we take extra care to communicate effectively with you in order to provide you with the best possible level of service. We believe that this honest commitment to customer service in combination with top-notch technical skills allows us to serve you in a way that is guaranteed to exceed your expectations.


Your Home Is Your Castle

We know your home is a valuable asset, and we believe it is worth maintaining well.  We take pride in treating your home like we would treat our own – with care and respect. 

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