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Pet Stain and Odor Removal

Odor Removal Services: The Science Of Odor Removal

If you’re wondering how to remove stains from floor, you’re probably looking to go deeper than simply removing the stain from the surface. When something is spilled onto your carpet, it creates issues that go beyond the unsightly stain. Pet stain and odor removal is a science when it comes to carpet, and in order to understand how to remove stains from floor, you need to first understand why these stains are so tough to remove.


When you’re dealing with pet stain and odor removal, you’re not just dealing with material that has penetrated the surface level of the carpet. Below the stain that you can see is padding. This padding is what makes the carpet feel soft to walk on, and it’s the reason that well-traveled areas of carpet may appear to flatten over time. When a pet uses the bathroom and creates the need for you to use odor removal services for your carpet, the material goes through the carpet and into the padding. No matter how much you scrub the surface of the carpet, it can be impossible to fully remove the stain from the padding without using professional odor removal services.


At Grout Genie Carpet and Tile Cleaning, LLC, I have the equipment and supplies necessary to go deep below the surface to create long-lasting pet stain and odor removal. This isn’t just for accidents - over time, pet dander and dirt can sink deep into carpets, and the odor can penetrate the padding as well. A professional carpet cleaning will pull the odor and material up out of the carpet, restoring your carpets to their original clean smell.


Some pet stains are tough to remove, such as cat urine. Cats and other pets have special chemicals in their urine that are biologically created to produce a strong smell. In the wild, cats use urine to mark their territory. In times of stress, some cats do this in the house as well. In order to remove the smell of cat urine from carpet, it’s vital to use a professional grade enzymatic cleaner that can break down the odor-causing chemicals in the urine. This type of cleaner, combined with a professional carpet cleaning machine, is a powerful tool in restoring your carpet after pet stains.


If you’re ready to get your carpets back to their original state, I’d love to help. Call me at Grout Genie Carpet and Tile Cleaning, LLC to learn more about my family owned and operated carpet cleaning services. I understand that your carpets are important to you, and I’m passionate about creating a clean and healthy environment for you and your family.

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