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Area Rug Cleaning

Sprucing Up Your Home Before A Party - Your Checklist

When you’re inviting guests to your home, you want your house to feel clean and inviting. It can be hard to do everything you need to do on your own, from buying groceries to preparing drinks and keeping track of RSVPs. While cleaning is likely high on your to-do list, it’s a smart move to leave some things to the professionals. Let’s take a look at the cleaning tasks that are smart to handle on your own, and the ones that you should leave to the pros.


There are several tasks that you can do on your own to get your home ready for guests that won’t take up too much of your time. Tossing your curtains and other window treatments into the washer is a great way to refresh your room and remove dust, as well as unpleasant odors. Applying a shine treatment to your dining room table is a great way to up the glam factor before a dinner party. General tidying - like dusting and vacuuming - can be done quickly the day of the event.


When it comes to heavier tasks, like landscaping and professional area rug cleaning, you’ll want to leave those things to the pros. When you hire a professional area rug cleaning company, you'll know that your rugs are being cleaned in a way that will preserve their beauty, while also providing the deep clean that they need.


If you’re getting ready to entertain guests, there’s no need to add anything to your to-do list unnecessarily. Give me a call at Grout Genie Carpet and Tile Cleaning, LLC, to tackle your area rug, carpet, stone floor, and upholstery cleaning needs.

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